Friday, September 07, 2007

Turning Over the Keys (the end of an era)

The annual pilgrimage to the Jersey shore was about to get underway if I could only get my transportation situation taken care of. The previous night while dropping Josh off in Dupont I stepped on the brakes and found my foot dropping all the way to the floor. Thank god for up-hills and hand brakes. What better than driving around the beltway at 2 am in a car without functioning brakes?

The time had come to buy my own damn car. The next morning began the era of the Blue/Green. After working out a deal and waiting for everything to get ready it was past time to head to Jersey. So Josh met me at the dealership and we took the Blue/Green straight on it's first road trip. We hit the Jersey shore well after midnight rolling the odometer past 60K at around 11. The Blue/Green era had begun.

That little car saw (and saw me through) a lot. Backpacking trips in Shenandoah, the Jersey Shore, an insane trip to Memphis (over 900 miles each way with Josh and Pete), more than a few trips to NC for gigs and recording sessions (with drum kit), moving to CT with all my stuff (including a drum set and 2 guitars), paddling adventures throughout the northeast (picture a kayak atop the coupe in the pouring rain with several members of the Sierra delegation inside), over a dozen trips to Charlottesville (responsible for my only speeding ticket in the Blue/Green), and a hell of a lot more (accepting picture submissions from all members of the Wednesday Nite Crew).

So I hope you can understand a little hesitation in my excitement over getting a new car. Sure was hard to turn the keys over and take those plates off. But the road ahead looks good and I am sure the new vehicle is up for the challenge (I will be accepting submission to name the new vehicle). In the meantime I am psyched to announce whus will be broadcasting the CT Blues Challenge live from 2-7 pm Sept. 15. So check out the blues at and think of me building the memories in the new vehicle. Pardon if I am still catching my breath.