Friday, June 15, 2007

Viva Massachusetts!

As you may have heard, the Massachusetts Senate and House failed to pass legislation putting a ballot measure killing gay marriage on the 2008 ballot. The bigots (sorry, opponents) needed 50 votes out of 200. Last week they had 55. But when push came to shove, on 46 managed to throw their names behind the idea that civil rights should be voted on. Even the Catholic Church, still in favor in Mass for some reason) tried to drum up support and failed. The earliest the troglodytes can now get their anti-civil rights bill on the ballot is 2012, when there will be 8 years of marriages being performed in Mass. Ten gets you a hundred that will fail to be on the ballot as well.

nice work, massholes. I take back everything I ever said about your driving skills or lack thereof.


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