Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The New Wednesday Nite

Well Washboard has finally broken through. It was a monumental task-more than should be required of any individual or inanimate object. But there I was half sleeping through Saturday night hoping my alarm would not only go off-but actually wake me up at 4 am every Sunday morning so I could be on the air by 5. Now the good news is I’ve suffered through those bad times and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a new Wednesday Nite in town because the Transfer Station has moved to prime time every Wednesday from 8-10 pm. So grab a pack of sierra, a set of nice computer speakers, a few buddies and tune your browser to Tonight I will be celebrating one year of torment on/by the Transfer Station. I’ll be playing some of my favorite tracks I've uncovered over the year (and some from the radio days with Phillipe in ME). So tune in tonight (Wednesday) at 8 pm to To get you in the mood here are some fun facts about this past year’s ride at the Transfer Station…

Fun fact one: The Transfer Station got its name from Old Man Jackson when I asked friends and bloggers to submit names for the show.

Fun fact two: The original time slot for the Transfer Station was Saturday 2-5 am (Friday night for some). This is where the idea for the Transfer set came into play. I believe there were two separate groups of listeners (late night partiers and extreme early bird). As such the show was divided into the late show and the early show (which was more like the late, late, late show and the early, early show). In between I did a Transfer Set that consisted of music outside of the blues genre-because there's a lot of other music I love. I did get calls from both "audiences" and yes I did the late show first and then the early show-ironic.

Fun fact three: Old Man Jackson came up from NYC to be a guest on the show. While at dinner at like 9:30 pm the diner we sat at lost power and then lost back up power-sending Washboard and Old Man scrambling to Red Robin.

Fun fact four: The first musical performance on the Transfer Station was Curt Brand ( Inspiring such memorable quotes as "I'm not usually up at this hour of the morning". Well said Curt!

Fun fact five: Buck Fifety/Dr. Pepe has made two guest appearances on the Transfer Station. – Question what happens when the new dollar coin comes out? I guarantee-you hit double digits you make Letterman’s stupid human tricks…

For more fun, shenanigans and of course great blues tune in every Wednesday at 8 pm on (91.7 fm in CT) your blues depot.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Buck Fifty Rides Again

since it's bocce season here, and to celebrate the 419 All Stars (behind the winning throw of one Mrs. Frangione) sit in the top five (official numbers aren't out yet for this week, but since we're 3-0, it's gotta be good) props to the Wallendas, who subbed Big John Rosans for me this week and managed to turn their fortunes around...

I now present to you a blast from the past. the Pride of Mount Vernon! the man we call "Money"...seriously, kids, don't try this at home: