Wednesday, April 25, 2007

sure signs of spring

1: the swallows returing to San Juan Capistrano
2: sundresses
3:it's Bocce season! so strap on your training capes, your drinkin' hat and your flip flops, grab yourself some SoCo and Lime and throw dem balls around (well, except for Dr. Pepe, who is apparently onto the Miller Lite...)

And we are proud to report that despite, or perhaps due to, my being loaned out a Wallendas, the 419AllStars, featuring the debut of Mr Amanda Barton (ne Fisher), walloped some lawyers to enter a two way tie for third at the top of the table. The Wallendas, playing in the dusk, managed to eek out a win over a veteran team and sit comfortably in 15th.



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