Monday, April 23, 2007

Going Big with the Blues

Well kids, WHUS is coming to the last 2 weeks of the current schedule. Who knows what will happen when things switch over. Could get better, could get worse. But either way Washboard will not the next two shows for granted. That’s why this week’s show will be dedicated to size. I have often thought to myself I bet you could do a set or two related to overweight folks-turns out you can do an entire show. This week every song will celebrate girth. From Big Legged Momma’s are Back in Style to 300 lbs of Joy and so much more. So find a Wafflehouse or Dunkin’ Donuts Woman (both weigh north of 300 lbs), brew a big pot of coffee, fry up a few eggs and tune into the Transfer Station this Sunday at 6 am at


Blogger Phillippe said...

aw yeah! big legged women ARE back in style again!

It's the Mason Special Show!

12:24 PM  

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