Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Support the Blues

Hey it’s great to see the WNSC blog getting active once again.

But more importantly, WHUS (the radio station foolish enough to put the likes of Washboard on the air) is hosting it’s annual beg…er radiothon. Yesterday I had a great time sitting in on the bluesline the other blues show on HUS. To keep the fun going old Ramblin’ Bert agreed to come on my show this weekend so the show on Sunday promises to be a blues dj extravaganza. I will be playing my washboard for pledges-perhaps I will even give away recordings of the Skowhegan Washboard Blues (and who could resist that). I know you will all tune in to listen Sunday at 6-8 am, but as my mind drifts back the question of the day is…

Did anyone see Washboard on TV Saturday night? There I was at CPTV HQ in a bright red shirt answering calls in a most radiothon like setting. Sadly the music was not of the quality one comes to expect from the Transfer Station-instead I was taking donations to CPTV during of all things a Tony Bennett special (hence I played all blues this week). I definitely learned a thing or two that night and I have been told (including by my boss) that I was on TV a significant amount. All in all it was a fairly amusing and painless experience-but you gotta laugh-where is YouTube when you need ‘em.

I'd like to think the fine content of WHUS can garner half the support in a week that Tony Bennett got in three hours-but I need your help. Step up in my quest for the most random radiothon donation. Maybe it's a donation from some random place like North Dakota or Croatia or maybe it's a pledge for $91.70. You’d be supporting a show that has brought great blues and so many great times to CT and as far beyond as Australia. Last season alone saw...Turkeys crashing through living room windows. Fugitives swimming across the frigid Quinnebaug River in December. MBTA workers getting fired for fornicated in company cars. Live music at the Transfer Station. DJ Sleepyhead dropping by to share a few yarns. And of course a little bit of washboard.

In any event be sure to tune in Sunday from 6 – 8 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) at (91.7 fm) and show your support.



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