Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quick, look in the cockpit...do you see this man?

if so, I suggest deplaning at your earliest convenience.

According to This is London James Yates was drunk, blowing well over the legal limit of 20 micrograms per 100/ml for a commercial airline pilot when he showed up at Manchester last February 11 to fly to the States.

This raises an interesting question: WHY THE HELL is there any legal limit at all? Isn't flying a plane something you should do, I don't know, SOBER? I mean stone cold sober? We're not talking about Joseph Hazelwood here, after all, bad shit can happen on a plane, what if there was an outbreak of snakes? then what?

Lord knows, I am all in favour of drinking, but I kinda want my pilots sober. Mark it down: Phillippe is fully in favour of pilots who are not on the sauce.


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