Wednesday, February 28, 2007

That Damn Liberal Media

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

m'dawg = m'bad

(Editor's note: Below is my review of M'Dawg Haute Dog, the new carry-out hot dog place that opened in Adams-Morgan last week. It has been the subject of much anticipation.)

so, i had m'dawg last night, and it was pretty terrible...

for 6 bucks, you get a shriveled, skinny flavorless "dawg" in a stale bun. the "uptown" toppings bar ($1 extra!!) contains a bunch of borderline-spoiled crap that does little to enhance the taste of your overpriced "haute" dog. oh, and the fries! they are soggy and look like they were purchased at the safeway up the street. BUT for an extra buck, you can pump a mildly spicy velveeta on top of them, and for an extra two bucks, you can throw some day-old cafeteria-style chili on top. at least 7-11 has the decency not to charge you an arm and a leg for this sh*tfood!!

the layout of the place is idiotic, with the toppings bar just inches away from the bathroom. there are few places to sit or lean, as the owners have stolen the interior design from the jumbo slice school of architecture. and, in true jumbo slice fashion, the employees are grumpy and unhelpful.

i guess the thing that p*sses me off the most is the cost. if i am going to pay 8 bucks for a hot dog and fries, it better make me sh*t my pants with delight. or if i am going to eat a crappy dog and nasty fries, i better pay next to nothing. but NO, i just got rooked like a popped-collar rube from clarendon, and that really bites my a$$!

f' m'dawg! save your money and go to old city or tacos pepitos!"