Monday, August 07, 2006

Broken Heat Wave...

Thank god. Your corresponsdents were all at the Jersey Shore this weekend, looking to vainly escape this:

still, it was hot as hell in Jersey for two days as well, so we engaged in some important activities, namely:

a few catchphrases from the weekend:

"There are too many motherfucking flies on this motherfucking beach!"
"Focus on the wedding, eyes on the prize"
"Oh, I'm just applying aloe."
"Thanks for dinner, I gotta go skate before it gets dark."

UPDATE: also forgotten:

"Just give me a second to change." (credit, Dr. Pepe)
"Hi, Kettle? This is Pot. You are black."

anyone remember any others?


Blogger Dr. Pepe said...

you forgot, "Can't I get just two seconds to change?!?"

12:47 PM  
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Blogger Dr. Pepe said...

good one, anonymous. that was the other catchphrase from the beach weekend. "make extra money." oh, anonymous, you are so funny. you crack me up.

10:27 AM  
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