Monday, May 01, 2006

Name My Show

Well folks I have been meticulously jumping through all the requisite hoops out in Eastern CT to be awarded a radio show on WHUS. Now, through no fault of my own, I have completed all the various stages in time for the summer schedule. So Washboard will be hosting another Blues show soon! Now here’s where you come in. Spending so much time on demos, labs, and tests can really take up a lot of one’s brain space. So I am taking suggestions right here on what to name my show. So leave a comment with your best idea or two for what to name the show.

I also want to hit up the files of Thank You Mr. T-Bone. Last night while I was at the station there was an announcement that the Jason Spooner Trio would be playing ‘round town soon. I did some research and yes it is the Jason Spooner that performed live on Thank you Mr. T-Bone. While I know how everyone feels about the burbs I encourage you to experience the odyssey of a living room concert in Rockville. Jason is playing in Rockville, MD on Friday May 12. Check out his website and go see him.



Blogger Dr. Pepe said...

The East Connecticut Blues Power Hour?

The Washboard Blues Hour?

Crossroads in Connecticut?

3:48 PM  
Blogger Phillippe said...

Jason Spooner? you're joking! we totally gave him his ultra low power way too late at night radio debut!

I vote for "Homemade Kevlar Canoe"

or "Homemade ain't the same as Custom"

5:01 PM  

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