Monday, April 03, 2006

Musings on advertising

I've been thinking, this weekend, about the effects of advertising, especially on me. After all the comments about the Tahoe commericals that flew around the old internet this past week, and the idea that really, I'm never going to buy one, and I don't think anyone on this blog will buy one (we like our trucks old and yellow, apparently) but still, I now know that there is a new Chevy Tahoe, for a lot less per person than a couple of ads in the Final Four would do (especially if they featured Coach K, corrallary one: if your team is eliminated from the tournament, your ads should be as well, are you riding a winner if they're sitting home in Durham getting ready for the 2006 Bulls' Season?). I dunno.

But still, all this must work. Do the sometimes brilliant Mastercard ads? (you can make your own of those as well, you know, but you can't publish them like Tahoe did, not as smart, guys) make me want to pull out my Mastercard? well no, since I don't have one. I find that I respond much more to targeted internet advertising, one click and I can find a new place to buy something, than TV stuff. Occasionally, of course, we all learn something new from TV ads, a new product that seems entertaining, or the like. and we've all sent around various funny commericals to watch. (Pony is especially obsessed with the Bud Light couples ads during March Madness. I missed the followup during the Mason game on Saturday) So what's the point? We still don't drink Bud Light, at least by choice. And does anyone really not know that Bud Light exists? Surely, there's a point here.

So, a question. Anyone ever knowingly been influenced by a clever ad on TV? gone to a website, bought a sample? Everyone must have, I'll try to think of a time that I was and follow up with it.

enough commercialism.


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