Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Tahoe Commericals

Anne over at Incendiary Advice was kind enough to post more links to the infamous Tahoe Commercial, including the original one. Seems that the good people at YouTube were able to snag a couple before Chevy pulled them down.

I hear a lot, really, from people saying what a stupid idea this whole thing was for chevy, how they left themselves wide open for bad PR and getting laughed at. Well sure, but how else was Chevy's Tahoe division going to get themselves talked about in the blogosphere? not too shabby, a couple of million bucks in PR, and some much needed buzz, all for a website.


Blogger Anne said...

But will it sell Tahoes? Seems like the only people really interested in their campaign were those who'd never buy a Tahoe. :) Does the adage "any publicity is good publicity" still apply?

It was a fun experiment, though, with as many different takes as there are people. Can't say as I'm impressed with big vehicles, either way.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Phillippe said...

Will it sell any? who knows. I'm certainly not in the market (nor is anyone I really know) but yes, I think the adage about publicity still holds true (well except for something really damaging, like dangerous cars (cough, cough, Pinto)) I think that a lot of advertising these days is pretty useless, I mean look at the Mastercard ads, does that make you want to use a Mastercard? does Bud Light advertising make you want to buy a Bud Light? who knows, but obviously someone thinks it does. For the price of probably one or two national commericals during a sporting event, Chevy Trucks informed a whole lot of people that there is a new, redesigned Tahoe, AND that the company has a sense of humor about things. That's not bad, for marketing purposes, I think.

12:47 PM  

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