Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Before All of That

Our Adventure in the Willimantic River Race was too big with too many competing parts to be contained within one post. So I am starting things off with the story of our boat-aka the hoopty canoe and will post the view from the front soon enough.

After all the trouble I had reserving a boat to rent for the race, I wasn’t going to give it up because of a little rain. So when Bill at Center Marine told me he figured I didn’t want the canoe I had reserved because of the rain, I told him I’d be there in 45 minutes.

Upon my arrival at Center Marine Bill gave me a thorough once over before asking where I would take his boat. Now like George Washington I can’t lie so I answer “probably the Willimantic.” I believe in that moment our fate was sealed. The worst boat on the premise was quickly found for our rental and as the rain picked up from a drizzle to a steady downpour we tied it to the car.

Upon arriving home I encountered the one thing to go right all weekend. The car fits (barely) in the garage with the canoe on top. So Amanda and I leave it and head to the airport to pick up Dr. Pepe.

Enjoy Dr. Pepe's Dispatch!


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