Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sometimes You Fall - Sometime You Fight - It's Just Life - Enjoy the Ride

Music is an amazing thing. There always seems to be a song to denote an occassion, whether it's the memory of an amazing trip, that special kiss, a place you learned something about yourself, a loss, a sense of freedom, or maybe just perfect timing. But now, if for every full day (or week or month) of music we listen to, only one song strikes us that we don't just agree with, but that sticks with that memory, then what does that say about our personality? I mean, the song we choose to listen to reflects what kind of person we are, no?

Well maybe it just makes us feel less alone in life, knowing someone else out there feels the same. Or maybe it's just reflective of our emotions at that moment. But I think a song can change our perseption on life... if we're willing to listen to the words.


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