Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shoot First

I can’t believe we are still absent a post on the most recent developments of our “2nd in command”, so I will go ahead and jump in. Good ole Dick finally found a way to top dropping an F bomb on the senate floor by shooting his hunting partner. Here’s my favorite quote, “I’m the guy who pulled the trigger and shot my friend”. Well I guess what they say is true with friends like this…And it took Dick until Wednesday to come up with that zinger! Still it could make a good country song. If only Johnny Cash were around to record that one we could kick back and hear it on the HT jukebox.

Now let’s also discuss the topic of sportsmanship. I would like to note that the wounds managed to range from the victims chest to face. I know I am not a hunting expert but that is quite a significant dispersal of ammunition. It hardly seems sporting to me to hunt a bird with what amounts to at least a three foot dispersal of ammo. Additionally, it turns out our “pal” was also hunting out of a truck. I mean why stop there he has the whole secret service at his disposal-why not just have a few agents flush some birds into the Chopper blades?

Still I can’t help but think this whole incident does clear some things up-at least in my mind. Now that I see how Cheney treats his friends; I am beginning to understand some of his decisions about how to run our country.



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