Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stormy Monday Blues (So Much for Better Weather)

Ah the trials and tribulations of the Wednesday Nite Sierra Club’s Northeast Extension. Yesterday I awoke to find out I had to go to work despite three inches of snow on my driveway and the fact that it was still snowing quite hard and would be until noon. Now these situations can cause serious quandary. You cannot just leave the snow, but when you shovel mother nature covers your work quickly. It is almost impossible to use the snow blower effectively while it is snowing.

Well finally I cleared the drive enough to leave. I jumped into my care turned the key-dead battery. So I had to get a ride to the bus stop and fight my way in on foot. When I returned home I couldn’t even jump my car. So I drove Amanda’s car to Napa Auto Parts and bought a new battery. Of course a new battery isn’t fully charged so I had to jump start my car AFTER installing the new battery.

Still I wouldn’t want to be in Florida perhaps the most pedestrian unfriendly state in the pedestrian unfriendly south. I revel in the irony of weather that is so nice and everyone driving even the shortest of distances.

Once everything settled down (and yes the Blue-Green started this morning like a dream) I realized that the battery on my car had never been replaced. The Blue-Green was born in 1994 not a bad life for a little battery (replacement cost $68)-but don’t they pick the worst times to break down…


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