Monday, January 30, 2006

My Truck

So I have a truck. And yes, it's a big truck. It'a Super Duty F250 Crew Cab V10....

I'm not sure what a truck does for girls, whether it's a turn-off or a turn on. Good friends always told me that a good man would love it. I practically had a Ford saleswoman jump on my yesterday at the auto show when I told her I actually owned one, a big one. She'd said it was so great to see a woman in there. I hadn't thought much about it until I remembered how it used to be...

Whenever I pulled up to gas stations with a guy, inevitably this is how the conversation would go:

stranger: "Nice Truck"
guy: "thanks"
stranger: "what do you have in that thing"
guy: "uh (looking at the side of the truck) V10 (hoping that was the right answer)"
stranger: "off road package, pretty cool"
guy: "thanks"
stranger: "how does it drive"
guy: "um, great, powerful"
stranger: "been looking in to getting one. what's the (insert here - horsepower, gas mileage, transmission like)?"
guy: "uh....."

If the guy knew me well, sometimes he'd play it up pretty good. I didn't care, hey if he felt like he was getting some glory, all the better for 'em. But usually by the time I came back out from paying for the gas-gussler, he would admit to the man that it was in fact my truck, often because he was at a loss (or couldn't lie in front of me). But it was sure funny watching him scramble. And even though I always drove, they never assumed it was mine. Especially when I was dressed in a skirt and heels :)

Funny though, I still inevitably got surprised at seeing other women have big trucks (at least in areas that aren't completely horsey). I'd think, man, that's a powerful women. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Then suddenly remember I was driving one too. So now I'm deciding on whether to sell it. It's such a cool truck, and so much fun to drive. But not very practical in the city. If I do though, god I'll miss it (and all the funny looks!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing better than a gal in the driver seat of a big truck, is if she is hauling a trailer. Well... almost the only thing.

5:44 PM  

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