Friday, January 27, 2006

Chronicles of the Open Mic (First Dispatch)

I decided to start off low risk-someplace close to home (or as “I like to say I’m not going to pay a lot for this muffler”). That took me to the Heart & Soul Café. The first fear with a name like Heart & Soul is if I am walking into a Christian Open Mic. The second is if it might be a spiritual healing sort of scene.

I am happy to report that neither was the case and in fact there was an eerie absence of total freaks and not a sub par musician in the house. In fact the first good sign when I walked in was the presence of both a mic and an amplifier. You can never be too sure, especially considering this place was about the size of my living room and there were about 8 people there. It was truly the type of open mic where everyone performs and everyone stays for the duration. Next time I’ll do like Lana and bring a flask to extend the enjoyment. Had an enjoyable evening and even enjoyed an essay that picked up some major themes from The Progress Paradox by TMQ maestro Craig Easterbrook.

All in all it was an interesting cast of characters. Here’s my run down of the folks; the recent college grads (I suspect some living at home), one or two that may have even been in college, the 40 year old African American woman (who wore a black beret and kept talking about all her friends that died of AIDES), and the best of all a 60 year old folk singer that kind of looks like a Muppet with that mustache. He talked about war, frozen blueberries, and seemed somehow fixated on the derrière as a poetic device in his songs. Well, sometimes I guess you have to be there to really understand. Good people all good people. If they could somehow be combined that would be one hell of a protagonist-but I digress. I did enjoy myself. Who knows I may even go back; but as for people to really start jamming with there was nothing there.

So the search continues and I guess that really is the progress paradox. Now that I have a basement/drum room I can’t find people to jam with (at least for now). Stay tuned for the next Dispatch from more perilous venues of free speech.



Blogger The Lovely Miss Anna said...

I love it. Done quite a few of those myself. Takes some guts (there're some strange people out there) :)

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