Saturday, December 24, 2005

New Jersey: Where the boys get lucky

and the girls have to settle.

Congratulations to Pony and his Firecracker.

G-dawg from Ohio's in Kathmandu...

no, not eddie from Ohio, not bob seger, but our very own g-dawg is exploring the sprawling confines of Nepal and dodging Maoist 'insurgents'. read about his latest adventures on his friendster blog...

And, in his honor, a little Bob Seger....

I ain’t got nothin’ ’gainst the east coast.
You want some people where they got the most!
And new york city’s like a friendly ghost;
You seem to pass right through.
I know I’m gonna miss the usa.
I guess I’ll miss it every single day.
But no one loves me here anyway!
I know my plane is due.

The one that’s going to katmandu.
Up to the mountain’s where I’m going to.
If I ever get out of here,
That’s what I’m gonna do.

see you all New Year's Eve, when Dr. Pepe, Washboard and myself (with two of the three little ladies in accompaniment) will be checking out Last Train Home at Iota. Worth a ticket, if you can get one.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

it's "what you do"

I never drank in California, or only on rare occasions. Yet in DC? All the freakin time. Am I a lush? Hmmm... I don't think so. See, when I go home to California I rarely pick up a drink. What is the need here? Well, it's "what you do". I don't know if people would know what to do with themselves if they didn't have the option. I had a friend who claimed to be an "east coaster" by nature and blood, and in his statements about this infamous "east coast" he made excuses for his drinking behavior in California, stating that's "what you do". Well, years later I found out he's right. No don't get me wrong, he's still a lush and that was just an excuse (I think he drank just to see where he'd wake up!), but it is "what you do" here.

That said, I'm going to get a drink...