Saturday, October 22, 2005

To The Rescue

Well it seems my power is only revealed in my absence. So I am jumping back in to do a little Wednesday Nite revival. We will have Wednesday Night this week all former and new members welcome. Cameos are expected. E-mail me if you are in. We can go old school HT or Rhodeside or Nuevo someplace downtown. No excuses this week-there will be tales of the new job, Vito's bad habits (and there costs), and missing remote controls. May it be the last time that the office decides its a good investment to send me down to DC. Now onto the shenanigans!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

7th Wheel

Bocce... the sport of kings, and Kickball... the sport of 5th graders, brought a turn of events to Wednesday night. I was new to the club when I joined, and still don't have too much to claim of its history. But I fear the tradition of Wednesday Night is fading. Less posting, less comradery, and less drinking has been taking place. In it's sted... some kickball and talk of 7 wheels. Blasphemy I say, and what happened to the club I joined 6 months ago? I know that all good things come in flux, so may I assume that Winter will show a brighter future? I suppose we shall see...