Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Someone Finally Decides to Can It

Recently on a dispatch to the Vermont Brewers Festival I had a chance to catch up with a true Wednesday Nite pioneer. Phillipe we must travel back through the history books to the WWNST. For those of you scratching your noodle; I am talking about the Williams Wednesday Night Silver Turkey. The pioneer is Ghostrider. Now for those of you outside the inner circle (and even some within) this may require a little explanation. For starters to protect the guilty we must only use beer die names. Predating the Wednesday Nite the WWNST cast scorn on the rulemaking of certain institutions of higher education, which shall remain nameless. Ghostrider moved beyond convention to provide location and libation to the masses every Wednesday Nite in the true spirit of a prohibition era speakeasy. Unlike so many less dedicated beer drinkers he did not start working for an investment banking firm, nonprofit, association or even future-based employment after graduating from college. Ghostrider is now operating a brewery in Rhode Island.

Check out the Coastal Extreme Brewery at http://www.newportstorm.com/index.asp. Now Ghostrider is not resting on his accomplishments. Ever the innovator he has finally provided an alternative for your camping and float trips. That’s right he did the unthinkable, the original; dare I say the beautiful. He put good beer in can. On the surface it seems counterintuitive but friends let me tell you when bottles are prohibited or just plain a bad idea what are your choices? We let’s be nice and just say not good. Until now. I say hats off and bottoms up to Ghostrider for his creative thinking. Newport Storm is available in Massachusetts, Rhode Island Connecticut, and “parts of Virginia”. So next time you head down the Rappahannock check it out.



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