Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two Showerheads and a King Size Bed (Everything's Bigger in TX)

Well greetings from the Wednesday Nite Northeast Extension. I just returned from my maiden voyage to Texas-home of some of our favorite politicians. I was in the lovely city of San Antonio. Our hotel wasright on the "Riverwalk". Did you know the San Antonio River makes a perfect square right in the middle of downtown? Oh that's not entirely true there is a branch that splits off and then forks with one end terminating at the convention center the other end terminatingat a mall. What incredible luck. No wonder they put a city here. Hmmm…..

In any event I quickly discovered that yes it's true everything is bigger in Texas. I had a gigantic bed (too much room for even Phillipe). But the best was my bathroom had two shower heads located right next to each other. Unfortunately despite the mass consumption of water, I was unable to realize the potential efficiencies of the system. At no point in my trip did I feel twice as clean. Additionally, I never managed to shower in half of my usual time. But here's the best part, the hotel puts out those cards that urge guests to conserve by hanging up and reusing their towels. Of course I hung up my towels and they were (as I suspected) removed, replaced,and cleaned everyday. Conservation in action. I will also add that to compensate for the Texas heat they kept the hotel at an averagetemperature of 50 degrees. I imagined some gigantic oil operated AC units as I habitually went outside every hour to get rid of the Goosebumps.

Unfortunately even the beer is bigger in TX (no they do not come ingigantic mugs-that's Utah) home of the Macrobrew. So boys pack in your Sierra if you head to this land of excess. Or better yet kickback at the old HT-enjoy some Texas Chili (no tenderfootin' around) and be glad that this was the only slice of Texas seen fit for export. It's the only Texas we'll ever need.



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stellar entry, washboard. i especially love the comment "at no point was i twice as clean." instant classic!!

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