Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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welcome home Heather- congratulations to Washboard on joining the ownership society...

What to do? What to do?

with all the recent upheaval and confusion in life, I thought I should figure out what's going on. So I was gonna consult a psychic, but hey, I'm cheap. Luckily, I just got my new iPod, so I figure I'll consult that instead. So, understanding that the iPod is the font of all wisdom, it's time for iPod Diviniation again.

Basically, instead of using Tarot cards, which, after all are limited to 78 options, you put the iPod on shuffle, giving you, in my case, 1673 options. Each song represents a card, placed in the following position (I use the Cross)

· The Covering: The important events, issues, attitudes or influences around the question or current situation

· The Crossing: Current obstacles, problems, conflicts and opposition that the questioner must deal with

· The Crown: The best that can be achieved or attained from current circumstances

· The Root: Past events or influences that have played an important part in bringing about the current situation

· The Past: Events or influences from the more recent past that have influenced the present but are now passing away

· The Future: Future events and fresh influences about to come into play that will operate in the near future

· The Questioner: The questioner's attitude and how they relate to the current situation

· The House: How other people around the questioner affect and view matters in hand

· The Inside: The questioner's hopes, fears and expectations with regard to the question or the current situation

· The Outcome: The eventual outcome of events shown by the other cards

And here they are:

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass: This Guy’s in Love with you um, I'll take this to mean I'm the guy...

Ryan Adams: World War 24 hmm, must be fall coming, Ryan’s good rainy day music, getting lost in something and wanting it to move forward, sounds familiar.

Tony Rice: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald this is the best I can expect? The best and brightest going down in a storm? That’s bitter.

Steve Earle: Jerusalem conflict and senseless bickering. That’s the past?

Crosby Stills Nash and Young: Teach Your Children Well I really think this should have been switched with the Root, I must say.

Nick Gilder: Hot Child in the City well, I got nothing, I guess, except it bodes well for Kickball tonight!

Garbage: #1 Crush hmm, angry love songs, I’m sensing a trend here…

Everclear: Video Killed the Radio Star the new eclipses the old, and yet we are sympathetic and sentimental about the old…hmm (plus, this is one of my all time favourite songs…

Phish: Piper long, complicated Jam-noodle song. Clearly, this is helpful, isn’t it?

Travis: Quicksand Oh, this is cheerful and optimistic, ain’t it?

So, all's clear now, right?

Monday, August 29, 2005

I Love the 80's Music

Everyone will tell you. the iPod is jammed with it. But really, anyone else think this Katrina and the Waves Reunion Tour maybe wasn't such a great idea? To anyone down there: good luck and may your deity of choice protect you from his/her/it's wrath.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

How to become an internet laughing-stock

You simply have to read this, read post 3 and then post 5. (by the way, I have no real idea what this board is, it was emailed to me...really)

read it? excellent.

Poll question: what's more depressing:
a: posting on an online gaming forum thread?
b: getting busted online for breaking curfew?
c: having your mom be a fantasy gamer?

I can't decide...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Wild Cow Milking

So we know some bull riders....

Talked to one yesterday. Sounded fine (if anything, a little more coherent than normal). But halfway through our conversation, I asked him how his ride was on Friday. Well he "falled off" and got "smacked around some". So I'm like "shit, are you okay". Turns out the guy got his head smacked/kicked/(who knows) so bad that they thought his jaw was broken, and he got carried off to the hospital. Asked him if he got hurt anywhere else, but no, it was just his head. Which means if that bull only knocked his head, that his body was flapping around quite helplessly like a little noodle. Needless, he got up, and walked out of the arena (though he doesn't remember any of that), and still proceeded to have a normal conversation with me the next day, with half of his face swolen and black and blue. AND, he had no intention of telling me, or complaining to me about it, until I asked. I guess that's a real bull rider. Imagine what else gets messed up on them that you never hear about??

Now here's the question? Are they stupid (below average yes, but stupid?) to do this sport, or are they just adicted adrenaline junkies like most men. I imagine that when the ride's good, the ride is really good, and the high is amazing. I suppose it's just got to be in their blood, and you know, who can blame them for doing something they love.

We met these boys a year ago, at a local competition. On top of bull riding, they could earn $50 if they won the wild cow milking competition, where a bunch of wild cows are let out in the arena for a herd of wanna be cowboys to wrangle down and get trampled, and hopefully to get a squirt of milk out. Oh yeah, they can also earn another $50 if they play cowboy poker, a game where 4 men sit in a circle with a little table between them (pretending to play poker). A bull is let out, and the last one still sitting is the winner (a lot of chairs broken here). Now a year after our first encounter with the boys, only 2 out of 12 we met are still kickin in the bull riding arena. The others are off shoeing horses, working on farms, driving trucks. While they may not be the brightest, they're good men, say grace, pay for girls when they can, and take off their hats at the table. So I wish them all luck. We'll see how long the last two last.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

This is our kind of Bear

According to the good people at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer a black bear was recently discovered, passed outon the front lawn of a resort. He was surrounded by empty cans of Ranier Beer, at least 36. The best part? according to Fish and Wildlife Officials, while he did try one can of Busch...""He didn't like that (Busch) and consumed, as near as we can tell, about 36 cans of Rainier."

Nice to see a bear with taste.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two Showerheads and a King Size Bed (Everything's Bigger in TX)

Well greetings from the Wednesday Nite Northeast Extension. I just returned from my maiden voyage to Texas-home of some of our favorite politicians. I was in the lovely city of San Antonio. Our hotel wasright on the "Riverwalk". Did you know the San Antonio River makes a perfect square right in the middle of downtown? Oh that's not entirely true there is a branch that splits off and then forks with one end terminating at the convention center the other end terminatingat a mall. What incredible luck. No wonder they put a city here. Hmmm…..

In any event I quickly discovered that yes it's true everything is bigger in Texas. I had a gigantic bed (too much room for even Phillipe). But the best was my bathroom had two shower heads located right next to each other. Unfortunately despite the mass consumption of water, I was unable to realize the potential efficiencies of the system. At no point in my trip did I feel twice as clean. Additionally, I never managed to shower in half of my usual time. But here's the best part, the hotel puts out those cards that urge guests to conserve by hanging up and reusing their towels. Of course I hung up my towels and they were (as I suspected) removed, replaced,and cleaned everyday. Conservation in action. I will also add that to compensate for the Texas heat they kept the hotel at an averagetemperature of 50 degrees. I imagined some gigantic oil operated AC units as I habitually went outside every hour to get rid of the Goosebumps.

Unfortunately even the beer is bigger in TX (no they do not come ingigantic mugs-that's Utah) home of the Macrobrew. So boys pack in your Sierra if you head to this land of excess. Or better yet kickback at the old HT-enjoy some Texas Chili (no tenderfootin' around) and be glad that this was the only slice of Texas seen fit for export. It's the only Texas we'll ever need.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

If you happen to be in Wellington anytime soon, stop by Hell's Pizza. If only for this ad., Oh, no word on whether you can get kiwi! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 08, 2005

A ribbon for the Jersey Shore.

The WNSC, minus a few, has returned from our annual sojurn to the Jersey Shore, where we ate too much, sat in the sun too much, and had mad interpersonal issues rear their ugly heads. Don't worry, my pretties, life's like television, everything's solved by the end of the hour. Also, there was Bocce. mmm. Bocce. Did I mention the Dip? ooohh, the dip. Ribbon image courtesy of the good people at Posted by Picasa