Thursday, July 28, 2005

Trouble at the DMV

Greetings from the great white north. I feel compelled to share a short tale with you-perhaps explaining my somewhat sparse postings since departing the old dominion. Our story begins early last Friday (VERY early). I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to a Connecticut DMV almost an hour away. Why? Because only three DMV offices in the entire state can issue a "first license". So there I was waiting in line before the DMV even opens. I wait in line for about an hour. Finally at the front of the line I begin the process. Showing off my always impressive VA license (which I still have) and my birth certificate. Next I am asked for proof of residency. So I proudly flash my new insurance card complete with my street address (as a PO Box is not acceptable in the eyes of DMV bureaucrats). Upon inspection of my card said bureaucrat states "this doesn't prove anything-you could have just had an insurance agent make one of these." I hope you are seeing some humor in this! I informed her that in fact that is exactly how the whole thing went down. I also inquired why an insurance agent might insure me in the state of CT at a certain address unless I lived there. I silently wondered how many people secretly pay thousands in insurance fees for the privilege of paying taxes to various towns in Connecticut (more on the "mill rates" to follow). I know I am getting nowhere so only hope to get an idea of how I can prove residency in the future. Unfortunately since we are on a rural road we cannot get mailed delivered to our residence. So everything goes to the PO Box. When I explained this to the DMV lady she asked why I couldn't just mail myself a letter to the residential address and bring it in. Now at this point might I remind you of the insurance card incident. Apparently if I scribble a letter to myself that is completely legitimate-but an insurance agent! Can't trust those guys. I returned to work dejected but found hope upon getting home. My new dental insurance had accidentally sent my information to the residential address. (cue church music) AND the post office had failed to put their usual HUGE orange sticker on it stating that this in fact was a PO Box. SO the next day (Saturday) I went back to the DMV and got back in that line. When I arrived at the front I was informed that I did indeed have everything I needed. Unfortunately the computer system of the state of CT was down and they could issue no licenses. I waited for about an hour-clearly misplaces faith on some IT specialist employed by state government before giving up. I'll just wait for my car tax refund from Governor Warner and then go back to straighten out this mess.

So you can see why the posts have been slow in coming. Perhaps I'll get it all straight but I'll never reach the lightening quick posting speed of Phillipe. Enjoy your Sierras while I kick back with one of these great Northeast Microbrews.



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