Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Reminder

On a Wednesday night a few years ago, I was showing off my new cell phone to Washboard after consuming a number of pitchers of beers. While most people had managed to procure a cell phone well before the turn of century, I was not one of them. And the fact that I had finally joined the 21st century was quite a novelty.

So, as we sat there teetering on our barstools, Washboard proceeded to explore a function of my phone known as "The Reminder." Basically, you can program the phone to ring at a certain time to remind you of a meeting or a birthday or a time to take your medicine. Fittingly, Washboard programmed my phone to ring every Wednesday night at 7:30 to remind me that I should be at the Wednesday Night Sierra Club. Of course, he selected the most annoying ring tone for the reminder, something like an electronic version of "Chicken in the Straw."

Since then, every Wednesday night, this awful alarm goes off, embarassing me on the Metro or in front of friends. If my phone isn't on, I am forced to wade through this reminder on Thursday morning. Fortunately for Washboard, I am too lazy and technologically challenged to go to the trouble of turning off the reminder. So, for years, this reminder has plagued me. And I never really understood why he had put it in there. I mean, come on, of course I am going to remember the Wednesday night.

Then this morning, I got up and started getting ready for work. I took my cell phone out of my bag and turned it on (I was working late last night and missed the Wednesday night). And "The Reminder" popped up yet again. Except this time, it wasn't annoying. In fact, it served its exact purpose. With Washboard gone and the future of the Wednesday Night Sierra Club dangling in the balance, it reminded me of all the good times we had had, barking at snotty waiters, calling for "dirty swine" and laughing about head-sized beds. I remembered how important the Wednesday Night is, especially when work is getting you down and the worlds seems to be going crazy.

Looks like Washboard knew exactly what he was doing when he programmed that phone...


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