Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lord Clayton

I'm sure you've heard of Clay. Anyone who's spent time in Northern California or D.C. knows who this dog is. For those who have been wondering what he looks like, I've posted his picture, looking dapper and regal as ever.

This dog... well... he's his own dog. And he has more friends than I will ever have. He came to my college classes with me. Between classes people would walk by and ask "What's up Clay?" He'd respond in turn with a wag of his body and excitement for seeing his old friend. Thing is, I'd have no idea who they were. But obviously they knew eachother. And it continues today. He'll chill outside a bar while I'm hanging inside with friends. And it's getting to the point now where he's re-living his glory college days. I would not be surprised if he becomes an icon among drunkards nationwide. Sometimes I wonder if I should leave him at home, but you know, he loves it. He gets pizza crusts and slobbery kisses from girls going out on the town. He's been used by many-a-man to capture the attention of girls, and it works. Best off, we walk around town and the cops now just drive by. Think they even know who he is now. The bums love him, and though he'd rather be spending time in a field in the country, I think he's getting into being the social butterfly of D.C. He'll be 3 on Sunday, so wish him a toast on his birthday; he'll probably be hanging out outside your local bar. I'll keep you updated on his adventures...


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