Friday, July 29, 2005

Git your deceased equines heya!

So, everyone and their mother has commented on this, and, since I'm a bandwagon type guy, I'm doing it to. Have you actually seen The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People list? I mean I understand that we're not LA or NY, and that these people are serious workers, running the country and all with nothing less that the utmost attention to the responsiblities of their jobs (cough) but still, if you are going to the trouble of wrastin' up a list, claiming to be the most beautiful people, then don't you sort of have an obligation to, I don't know, find beautiful people? The whole idea is wrongheaded, obviously, but if you're gonne do cheesecake and beefcake, then get some cake, huh?

And the photographs...did they send an intern out with a disposable camera? that'll learn those that can't be bothered to have head shots (does anyone know someone with head shots? I can't even fathom why you'd need one, unless you're an actor or something. but a staffer? what the heck is that all about?) So, I think they basically found ten beautiful people and threw in forty decently good looking people to mke the list more rounded. Strange. Do they do a 50 Most Fascinating People list as well?

As usual, DCeiver has great stuff on the list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Washington is not a place for beautiful people. We are impressed with: Power, Influence, Money, Style and THEN Beauty. Dumbasses!!!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Wednesday Night said...

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10:08 PM  
Blogger Wednesday Night said...

What a load of *%$@! I know the WNSC can do better. So grab your camera phones and find 50 better on your way to work and the Wed Nite. I was inspired as the first ten looked like they were all photographed at the Lincoln Memorial begging the question-did they need to go to the Lincoln Memorial to take pictures of random people just to fill out their top 50?

Oh wait that's like a patriotic thing 'eh?


10:10 PM  
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