Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tis the Season

What is mating season? Is it really something in the air, something that flutters around saying "Time to be romantic" or maybe it's just "Time to get some". I can't tell. But it truly does seem to come land its wings in this season.

And then there's Middleburg... Strange little town where the rich hang out with the richer, and the rich hang out with the poorest of the poor. It's a haven for opportunists looking for an adventure they'd never be able to afford on their own, and it's a sanctuary for any man under 40. Why? Horse crazy girls. Lets just put it this way - besides the few men who swing the other way - their ain't many men. So what does the town usually breed, but incestuousness (not too unlike any other group I know of) and women too young to be bitter.

But, as mating season has seemed to fall upon us, so has the lull and lack of love in Middleburg. Maybe something's in the air, or maybe it's just been too long, but whatever the case (for the moment) the girls are happy and there are stories to be told and plenty of adventures to be had. Maybe there's something to say for this season... and I hope (at least for some) that it sticks around for awhile.




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