Monday, June 13, 2005

Heading South...

So I spent a couple of weeks in Pittsburgh working for American Eagle and a few hundred women dressed in pink and flourescent blue (a scary thing when you're walking down the hall after an hour of sleep on the floor under a table and laptop). Now, obviously, because I wasn't working hard enough, my bosses shipped me south to audio record, video record, and note take some horse event by myself. So you may think, what's the difference? (besides the Westin and the Holiday Inn Express) Well this is how I knew I was spending my first night in the South...

- The employees are 2 women who look like they're used to leaving all electronic problems to their husbands.
- When one of them doesn't know the password to the computer that holds all of their financial records, the other one just shouts it out, in front of us 4 customers, instead of leaning over 2 feet to tell her.
- When asked for 2 forms of photo ID, the boy buying a cell phone for the first time says he can either give her his military ID or a hunting license.
- Every young attractive person is attached to a wedding ring and a child (or two)
- 2 women are purchasing guns from a lovely older man dressed in camoflauge
- The plus size rack is larger than the misses rack
(needless, I still bought 3 shirts, dog food, yet couldn't seem to find the husband and ring isle)
- Oh yes, there's no Starbucks

Hope to be home soon, and good times to all this Wednesday night,
The Lovely Miss Anna


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lovely Miss Anna is finding out that not all parts of Virginia are as tony as Middleburg.

9:09 AM  

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