Thursday, June 16, 2005

A book endorsement, sorta

So, Michael Eisner, the Chairman of Disney has written himself a little book, about 'the most important educational experience of my life' fabulous. It's called Camp and it details all the fabulous experiences he had growing up at Camp Keewaydin on Lake Dunsmore in Vermont. Well I, too, went to this illustrious camp, in fact, I went to it's older brother, on Lake Temagami in Ontario. (seriously, softball? rockcliming? Keewaydin needs not these things, although the girls they get now woulda been handy...) And yes, the days on Devil's Island were idyllic. Diamond lake, blueberry island, the Outpost...but this is a bit much. Anyway, the book's a little schmaltzy, but it makes a fine father's day present, and all of Eisner's proceeds go to the Foundation he runs to send kids to camp. So that's a good thing. Go ahead.

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