Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tis the Season

What is mating season? Is it really something in the air, something that flutters around saying "Time to be romantic" or maybe it's just "Time to get some". I can't tell. But it truly does seem to come land its wings in this season.

And then there's Middleburg... Strange little town where the rich hang out with the richer, and the rich hang out with the poorest of the poor. It's a haven for opportunists looking for an adventure they'd never be able to afford on their own, and it's a sanctuary for any man under 40. Why? Horse crazy girls. Lets just put it this way - besides the few men who swing the other way - their ain't many men. So what does the town usually breed, but incestuousness (not too unlike any other group I know of) and women too young to be bitter.

But, as mating season has seemed to fall upon us, so has the lull and lack of love in Middleburg. Maybe something's in the air, or maybe it's just been too long, but whatever the case (for the moment) the girls are happy and there are stories to be told and plenty of adventures to be had. Maybe there's something to say for this season... and I hope (at least for some) that it sticks around for awhile.



Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In case you missed it, Washboard and Dr. Pepe at Staccatto a week or so back... Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Since I'm reminiscing, Evans Outpost Section E. 1989. Thanks for the photo, Carp. Posted by Hello

A book endorsement, sorta

So, Michael Eisner, the Chairman of Disney has written himself a little book, about 'the most important educational experience of my life' fabulous. It's called Camp and it details all the fabulous experiences he had growing up at Camp Keewaydin on Lake Dunsmore in Vermont. Well I, too, went to this illustrious camp, in fact, I went to it's older brother, on Lake Temagami in Ontario. (seriously, softball? rockcliming? Keewaydin needs not these things, although the girls they get now woulda been handy...) And yes, the days on Devil's Island were idyllic. Diamond lake, blueberry island, the Outpost...but this is a bit much. Anyway, the book's a little schmaltzy, but it makes a fine father's day present, and all of Eisner's proceeds go to the Foundation he runs to send kids to camp. So that's a good thing. Go ahead.

image to follow...

And a word of welcome

to Mz. Betsy, a former Clubber who abandoned us mercilessly in pursuit of a highly prestigious degree from some third rate diploma mill in Illinois no one's ever heard of. So every now and then she'll be checking in from the windy city. Don't worry, Bets, I'm sure that all that radiation from Enrico Fermi's playing around in the Squach Courts has completely dissapated by now!

Everyone say "Hello Betsy"

I can't hear you.

no really. I can't.

A word of congratulations

To Mrs. Washboard, newly employed by a very lucky school district in the state of Connecticut. Wahoo!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Heading South...

So I spent a couple of weeks in Pittsburgh working for American Eagle and a few hundred women dressed in pink and flourescent blue (a scary thing when you're walking down the hall after an hour of sleep on the floor under a table and laptop). Now, obviously, because I wasn't working hard enough, my bosses shipped me south to audio record, video record, and note take some horse event by myself. So you may think, what's the difference? (besides the Westin and the Holiday Inn Express) Well this is how I knew I was spending my first night in the South...

- The employees are 2 women who look like they're used to leaving all electronic problems to their husbands.
- When one of them doesn't know the password to the computer that holds all of their financial records, the other one just shouts it out, in front of us 4 customers, instead of leaning over 2 feet to tell her.
- When asked for 2 forms of photo ID, the boy buying a cell phone for the first time says he can either give her his military ID or a hunting license.
- Every young attractive person is attached to a wedding ring and a child (or two)
- 2 women are purchasing guns from a lovely older man dressed in camoflauge
- The plus size rack is larger than the misses rack
(needless, I still bought 3 shirts, dog food, yet couldn't seem to find the husband and ring isle)
- Oh yes, there's no Starbucks

Hope to be home soon, and good times to all this Wednesday night,
The Lovely Miss Anna

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sorry it's been a slow posting week, we've been swamped here at the Wednesday Night, seems like it's just work, work, work. Posted by Hello

Enjoy the Respite

The Wednesday Nite will take a respite this week to allow all to prepare mind, body, and spirit for next week’s blow out at the HT. The HT is battening down the hatches; reinforcing their Sierra kegs (now back in stock), preparing unaccustomed customers to the inevitability of an occasional bark, and perfecting their technique for preparing “dirty swine”.

Come one and all to enjoy the festivities. This is not an event to be missed. Several cameos are expected-including at least one former full time member. Perhaps some future full time members will also be among the ranks.

“So go on. We’re goin’ up North put tha word on the street!”


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It’s the Final Countdown

No it’s not time for name that bad 80s band--again. I am now into my final 4 days at work. I’ll tell you boys and girls it feels great. But it sure can lead to some awkward moments. Today’s adventure: the last all staff meeting. Now I give serious consideration to skipping it, as there isn’t quite the same relevance to a “short timer”. But I know they are going to be talking about me so I must go now to defend the good name of Washboard…

I have just now finally detached myself. I tried to get the coveted seat in the back corner by the door, but got “pushed in” by the late arrivals. I was not on the official list of departures but I was not spared, in fact I was at the top of C.E. No's Rob Badloss’s list. I was caught in the nets of eulogies and squirming would only make things worse. Then I was summoned to speak. Should I tell everyone how happy I am to be leaving or “confess” leaving is a mistake to save face. Ah now you see it’s a no win situation. But I fumble out a sentence or two followed by a couple witty quips before QUICKLY sitting down. You must sit down quickly after prompting a bit of clapping to avoid prolonging the pain.

Having met the hype of the Washboard name I now turn my attentions to my early departure. Unfortunately a colleague who refused to move blocked my path. I was forced to attend most of a painful staff meeting out of pure spite. But I wasn’t sunk yet. I am still pretty close to the back--still the dominion of the class clown. So I went about my strategic retaliation; to draw cartoons of her until humor bent her resolve and she was willing to let me leave if she could keep my “agenda” with the cartoons. And that my friends is how I sold my first piece of art.


As always bonus for catching the reference in the Title.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Can you name this hillock?

Cameo News: Heather "Mom" K came to visit last week to fill in for Dr. Pepe, who claimed he had to work late, but really had a date of some sort. No, this isn't her picture, but she is going to Africa next week! You should check out her blog whilst she's there, hittinafrica.blogspot.com she promises postings, but since she's already told us that she'll be 20 miles from the nearest telephone, we figure she'll use that as some sort of excuse to not keep in touch. But she'll be back for the Fifth Annual Wednesday Night Beach Weekend in August, (but more on that later) Good luck Heather and remember, Hippos kill more people every year than Crocodiles and Tigers combined. (but how fast can they swim, Dr. Pepe?) Posted by Hello

This week in gratuitous sepia-toning

Dr. Pepe(sun-glasses) and Phillippe (obscured) go for a Saturday drive on the way back from a paddlin' Somewhat astonishingly, and denying every known law of physics and statistics, we managed to stay dry, well except for the time we had to go swimming to rescue our lunch, safely protected (or so we thought) in Washboard's canoe (not that he's not a risk taker, but having the wife along provides some added incentive to stay dry.) Good news, the lunch, and the beer, were saved. -phillippePosted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Lovely Miss Anna is in Pittsburgh, but she wanted you all to remember her, so here's the view from her hotel room.  Posted by Hello