Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wrap-ups, and an announcement

First the bad news. One of our Founding Fathers, Washboard himself, is leaving our fair city in June for new opportunities in the Insurance Capital of the World. He'll be checking in to report his new Wednesday Night adventures, we're sure. So that means we're auditioning replacements. How to do this? should we take out an ad in the City Paper? Is there a section on Craigslist "looking for new drinkin' buddy, must be good storyteller, reasonably articulate and able to hold his beer (Taco Bell aficionados especially encouraged to apply?)" Seems unlikely, doesn't it? Maybe I can put up a flier on the writer's board at Hopkins (my current money destination) writers tell stories, right? and Dylan Thomas could drink..but there's that Taco Bell thing, and Dr. Pepe's already a writer, can I handle TWO of them? would they gang up on me and make me conjugate verbs or something? So there will be auditions.

we had our first audition last night in fact, a first-timer, the lovely Miss Anna came to visit us out in the 'burbs. I think we scared her off at the start, she walked into a heated diatriabe about the *cough* President's *cough* Plan to Eliminate the Social Net and Cast our Beloved Senior Citizens into a Life of Poverty and Despair* (I think they've prettied the name up a bit, but that's the gist of it) You know, for working with Bushbots, you'd think Dr. Pepe would get more of this. But she stayed. And she has a dog. We'll see if she comes back...

And an important annoucement: SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, June 15. The Return of the King Street Pressure and Cameo Central! More Coming...



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