Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Wednesday Night Theory

Since 1998 the Wednesday Nite has been helping us working stiffs muddle through the workweek. Quite simply we have identified Wednesday night as the optimum evening for revelry as it just breaks up the week perfectly.

Here’s what a typical work week looks like with the Wednesday Nite:

Monday-Boo Monday; nothing can really be done to make Monday good except for President’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Day, and Labor Day. OK one day down.
Tuesday-You wake up and don’t want to get out of bed until you realize “tomorrow is Wednesday night”. It gets you through.
Wednesday-Sweet anticipation-you take a few moments to gather your better stories, lies, etc.
Thursday-Find something to hold to and move slowly-very slowly. You’ll make it through.
Friday-That’s right before you even knew it Friday is here! You’re ready for he weekend.Yeah Wednesday Nite.

Give it a try.



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