Tuesday, May 31, 2005

To the person who Borrowed, and then returned (most of) my wallet

First off, thank you. Your kindness in mailing the remnants of my wallet back to me saved me the trouble of going to the DMV, for that alone, I forgive you. That alone was worth the $27 you took for shipping and handling. And you are obviously smart enough to avoid using the credit cards, avoiding federal felony charges, brilliant. But did you somehow think that I wasn't going to notice the Smarttrip? that gets cancelled to. I don't begrudge you the one trip from Anacostia South to Rhode Island Avenue last Monday, but here's a little hint for next time: leave the smarttrip and take the $40 paper fare card, that's not traceable or cancelable.

Should you read this, please be so kind as to mail back to me the reciepts, there's a nice one for a pair of glasses that I'd really like to claim on my medical savings account. And the business card from that guy I met last week, I was supposed to get him a proposal to work together. so that'd be great as well.

Oh, and my $27, I'd really like that back too, you were less than fifty feet from my apartment, you couldn't have put the whole thing in the fucking mailbox?


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