Monday, May 23, 2005

The Terrible Twos

And now, it's time for another history lesson with Dr. Pepe.

As I was saying, the terrible two (Washboard and Dr. Pepe) had found their “place to be” and the Wednesday Nite tradition was born. But it did not take long for the Terrible Two to grow into the Terrible Three. Washboard and Dr. Pepe were soon joined by Crazy Miss Carla, who used her feminine wiles to enchant one of the Hard Times bartenders and secure our weekly deal on Sierra. Together, the trio began to establish its reputation for bawdy, loud behavior. Often, the conversation revolved around subjects that would make the dirtiest sailor blush. Evenings would often begin in a typical Washingtonian style, discussing light politics, traffic and insane bosses. But soon the Sierra would take hold and the conversation would sour. Regularly, restaurant patrons waiting at the bar to get a table would be subjected to such comments as “He boned her like he owned her.”

With the birth of the Terrible Three came the phenomenon known as the Wednesday Nite Cameo. Every so often, the Wednesday Nite Sierra Club would feature a special guest. Whether friend or family (or foe), all were welcome at the Wednesday Nite. This rule stays firmly in place…TO THIS DAY! But only a select few are inducted into the Wednesday Nite Sierra Club. More on them later.

Next episode...Wednesday Nite: The Institution.


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