Thursday, May 19, 2005

I got the Password!

So after 6 rounds or so of beer, and the added attribute of wearing a skirt, these guys finally gave up their password. Ha ha, poor buggers. I think I'm more of a futile attempt to keep Wednesday nights going, as one of the co-originators is departing our presence in a few weeks. But I'll go along with it. They seem like good people.

What do I think of Wednesday nights? Well it seems to be an excuse for 3 quite intellectual men to banter and scrape at life over pints of beer, until their reasoning blurs and their hunger for Taco Bell exceeds their need to drink. I suppose it's just like any other bar really. But these three, very different as they are, are tied by time, pure exposure, Sierra, and a need to be challenged by eachother. It's a good thing... and I hope they let me stay. I'll tell you how it goes.

- The Lovely Miss Anna


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