Friday, September 07, 2007

Turning Over the Keys (the end of an era)

The annual pilgrimage to the Jersey shore was about to get underway if I could only get my transportation situation taken care of. The previous night while dropping Josh off in Dupont I stepped on the brakes and found my foot dropping all the way to the floor. Thank god for up-hills and hand brakes. What better than driving around the beltway at 2 am in a car without functioning brakes?

The time had come to buy my own damn car. The next morning began the era of the Blue/Green. After working out a deal and waiting for everything to get ready it was past time to head to Jersey. So Josh met me at the dealership and we took the Blue/Green straight on it's first road trip. We hit the Jersey shore well after midnight rolling the odometer past 60K at around 11. The Blue/Green era had begun.

That little car saw (and saw me through) a lot. Backpacking trips in Shenandoah, the Jersey Shore, an insane trip to Memphis (over 900 miles each way with Josh and Pete), more than a few trips to NC for gigs and recording sessions (with drum kit), moving to CT with all my stuff (including a drum set and 2 guitars), paddling adventures throughout the northeast (picture a kayak atop the coupe in the pouring rain with several members of the Sierra delegation inside), over a dozen trips to Charlottesville (responsible for my only speeding ticket in the Blue/Green), and a hell of a lot more (accepting picture submissions from all members of the Wednesday Nite Crew).

So I hope you can understand a little hesitation in my excitement over getting a new car. Sure was hard to turn the keys over and take those plates off. But the road ahead looks good and I am sure the new vehicle is up for the challenge (I will be accepting submission to name the new vehicle). In the meantime I am psyched to announce whus will be broadcasting the CT Blues Challenge live from 2-7 pm Sept. 15. So check out the blues at and think of me building the memories in the new vehicle. Pardon if I am still catching my breath.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

gentrification marches on

your loyal correspondant has just returned from a week home with mom in Stumptown, and is sad to report the demise of another Portland institution. When I was just a wee youth, one place to go to casue trouble was NW 23rd Street. 23rd was the place where the kookiness and offbeat weirdness that made Portland, Portland flourished, just blocks from downtown. Sandwiched between a hospital, the east face of Council Crest, Burnside and a bunch of aging Victorians, 23rd had character. There was no need for a campaign to "Keep Portland Weird", it already was. everything on the street was local, from Coffee People to Escape from New York, to drinking coffee all night and smoking cloves at Rose's Deli. And this is what passed for yuppie, in the old days of PDX. We didn't have any Starbucks (seriously, in 1980, Starbucks and Coffee People split the Northwest, in what I am sure would be an illegal gentleman's agreement, Starbucks got Washington and Coffee People got Portland)

anyway, 15 years on, Coffee People is gone (a starbucks, of course) Escape is a boutique, Rose's is a f*#$ing Subway, and now, as of August 31, the anchor of the North Side of Nob Hill (the fact it is now "Nob Hill" is bad enough) the place that provided the soundtrack to our lives, Music Millenium, is falling to yuppies. MM was an independant place, the size of a Tower Records, that had been bringing music to Portland for 30 years, if you came to Portland, and you had any credibility, you stopped in at MM, Jazz, classical, blues, hiphop, grunge, hippie jam bands, everyone made their pilgrimage. And now it is gone. along with all the stuff that made 23rd an interesting place to be. the only remaining holdover is the great desserts from Pape Hayden's. But at least there is an Urban Outfitters...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mike Gravel is running for President

but no one knows a damn thing about him. So he takes all his money, and makes a campaign ad to put on you tube. So he has 2:51 to explain why you should vote for (and more importantly now, give money to) Mike Gravel.

Here it is:

Seriously, what the fuck?

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Viva Massachusetts!

As you may have heard, the Massachusetts Senate and House failed to pass legislation putting a ballot measure killing gay marriage on the 2008 ballot. The bigots (sorry, opponents) needed 50 votes out of 200. Last week they had 55. But when push came to shove, on 46 managed to throw their names behind the idea that civil rights should be voted on. Even the Catholic Church, still in favor in Mass for some reason) tried to drum up support and failed. The earliest the troglodytes can now get their anti-civil rights bill on the ballot is 2012, when there will be 8 years of marriages being performed in Mass. Ten gets you a hundred that will fail to be on the ballot as well.

nice work, massholes. I take back everything I ever said about your driving skills or lack thereof.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dude, where's my watch?

watch this from 3:20 to 2:51...notice anything about el jefe's left wrist?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The New Wednesday Nite

Well Washboard has finally broken through. It was a monumental task-more than should be required of any individual or inanimate object. But there I was half sleeping through Saturday night hoping my alarm would not only go off-but actually wake me up at 4 am every Sunday morning so I could be on the air by 5. Now the good news is I’ve suffered through those bad times and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a new Wednesday Nite in town because the Transfer Station has moved to prime time every Wednesday from 8-10 pm. So grab a pack of sierra, a set of nice computer speakers, a few buddies and tune your browser to Tonight I will be celebrating one year of torment on/by the Transfer Station. I’ll be playing some of my favorite tracks I've uncovered over the year (and some from the radio days with Phillipe in ME). So tune in tonight (Wednesday) at 8 pm to To get you in the mood here are some fun facts about this past year’s ride at the Transfer Station…

Fun fact one: The Transfer Station got its name from Old Man Jackson when I asked friends and bloggers to submit names for the show.

Fun fact two: The original time slot for the Transfer Station was Saturday 2-5 am (Friday night for some). This is where the idea for the Transfer set came into play. I believe there were two separate groups of listeners (late night partiers and extreme early bird). As such the show was divided into the late show and the early show (which was more like the late, late, late show and the early, early show). In between I did a Transfer Set that consisted of music outside of the blues genre-because there's a lot of other music I love. I did get calls from both "audiences" and yes I did the late show first and then the early show-ironic.

Fun fact three: Old Man Jackson came up from NYC to be a guest on the show. While at dinner at like 9:30 pm the diner we sat at lost power and then lost back up power-sending Washboard and Old Man scrambling to Red Robin.

Fun fact four: The first musical performance on the Transfer Station was Curt Brand ( Inspiring such memorable quotes as "I'm not usually up at this hour of the morning". Well said Curt!

Fun fact five: Buck Fifety/Dr. Pepe has made two guest appearances on the Transfer Station. – Question what happens when the new dollar coin comes out? I guarantee-you hit double digits you make Letterman’s stupid human tricks…

For more fun, shenanigans and of course great blues tune in every Wednesday at 8 pm on (91.7 fm in CT) your blues depot.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Buck Fifty Rides Again

since it's bocce season here, and to celebrate the 419 All Stars (behind the winning throw of one Mrs. Frangione) sit in the top five (official numbers aren't out yet for this week, but since we're 3-0, it's gotta be good) props to the Wallendas, who subbed Big John Rosans for me this week and managed to turn their fortunes around...

I now present to you a blast from the past. the Pride of Mount Vernon! the man we call "Money"...seriously, kids, don't try this at home: